Monday, December 6, 2010

Seurat and His New Vendetta

Christmas is surrounding us we hung up the stockings and set up the Christmas tree with its lights, ornaments and tree skirt. The house has a wonderful feeling of Christmas!

But then something started happening, Mr. Rogue and I would wake in the morning to find the tree skirt in disarray, sometimes thrown clear across the room and much more pine needles on the floor than there should be. I knew Rogue was not responsible, he sleeps in our room with the door shut... the only one who has access to the whole house while we sleep is Seurat and this newest oddity is typical to his behaviour.


It took me a few days however to find out WHY he is doing it... yea remember that whole weird drinking thing this cat has going on? Well he is now refusing to drink out of his water dish and now wants to drink out of the tree holder BUT in order to drink in his proper crazy style (See link above) he has to get rid of the tree shirt.

I tried incorporating a few different deterrents but nothing so far has made him give up the quest and I find myself at a war of wills with this particular cat YET AGAIN! I am desperate enough to follow any fanciful notion, I am afraid I am going quite mad, I am now thinking about creating a circle barrier around the tree of chilli powder. Like some kind of cult ritual I will encircle the tree with the powder and watch as its magic spicy barrier prevents my crazy cat from screwing with the skirt!!!!

At least Seurat is too fat to climb the damn tree!


lilmansworld said...

hilarious :)

Jess said...

Oh....for the love of Seurat :) Well, at least you never get bored with him around right?

paul peggy zeus said...

What a clever cat! I laughed so hard at this post, especially when he was caught red handed! lol.

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