Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rogue Life List: #58. Buy a Meal for a Stranger

I was at the grocery store walking back to my car with my full cart thinking about the list of things I still wanted to do before my parents visited the next day. I was lost in my head and barely paying attention to the people around me but then I saw them, to kids the elder was about nine the younger six who were offering to help with groceries for money. A split second after I saw them I saw the middle aged Ralphs male employee stalking straight toward them, without thinking I called them over to me. I am not sure why I called them over, maybe because they reminded me of my little, or maybe because the elder boy was cocky and charismatic, he reminded me so much of my late brother I got tears in my eyes. They asked for money for food and once we finished loading the groceries in the car I took them to Quizno’s for subs, the Ralphs employee gathering carts and scowling after us.

While at Quizno’s we talked about hustling, I talked to the elder boy about setting a good example for his brother and we talked about Christmas a subject that every child loves. It was only while I was paying for their subs and sodas that I realized that I was buying a meal (two to be perfectly honest) for strangers therefore fulfilling something off of my Rogue Life List. The season of Christmas seemed much clearer in that moment – that is until I was pulling out of the driveway I saw them meet up with an older woman, probably their mom, and she pointed to the bags in their hand. I admit I slowed down the car and craned my neck to see how the scenario would pan out, she railed and yelled while they continued eating nodding their heads.

I think I was had by two adorable little Christmas urchins and I didn’t even care. I smiled the whole way home.


paul peggy zeus said...

What a commendable thing to do. No wonder you were called the dark angel in Pittsburgh

lilmansworld said...

you are the true spirit of giving

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