Friday, December 31, 2010

Remembering 2010 in Words and Photos


So it is the end of another year, another 12 months full of crazy chaos. Lots of cooking, more construction, new camera equipment, lots of babies, a puppy that passed away, an older puppy adopted, a cat died and an older puppy readopted out, more and MORE babies, a overworked stressed out husband, a trip of a lifetime (Europe), losing our baby, and lots of family for the both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays... a rollercoaster of a year no doubt.

2010 was also the year of traveling for me, traveling which I feel greatly blessed to have done. I seriously cannot count the amount of frequent flier miles I have racked up (30 plane rides in one year is a new record... I don’t think I flew that much when I was a flight attendant!). Here is a list of cities I have visited this year.

Atlanta, Georgia - January
Mammoth Mountain, California - January
Big Bear, California – February
Salton Sea, Joshua Tree & Morongo Canyon - May
Santa Barbra, California - May
Charlotte, North Carolina - July
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - July
Dublin, Ireland - July
London, England - July
Amsterdam, Netherland - August
Brussels, Belgium - August
Paris, France - August
Venice, Italy - August
Rome, Italy - August
Athens, Greece - August
Lake Mead & Death Valley, California - October
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - October
Stockholm, Sweden - November
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - November

I thought for sure that Mexico was our last trip for a while, although traveling is on my top favourite list it also has its downsides. I seriously just need a break from all the layovers, delays and jet lag however Mr. Rogue and I have scheduled one more trip for the end of January (Galapagos Islands – HOLLA!)... then I swear that’s it... nada... nothing for a long while.

I have gone through the blog and pulled out my favourite posts (this was totally fun and enlightening I read so many of my old posts I should do this more often) of the year and then of course I have done again my annual year of photos video. I hope everyone has a happy New Year and may we all strive for things bigger and better in the New Year. See you in 2011.

Slippery Little Sucker
“This may be too much information, actually I am pretty sure it IS too much information but hey it’s what happened and I am all up for embarrassing myself here for your benefit so here we go.”

Untechnologically Inclined Princess of the Year
“After mashing on a few keys and attempting to reboot I started screaming and tearing out my hair...”

Her Porn Star Name Would Be Spaz Licker
“Phoenix has a screw loose; there is something wrong with her head. I am not kidding her brain is not intact and a tool that I used to make Rogue stop chewing my shoes, a tool when used made him run out of the room saying “DUDE I SERIOUSLY BELIEVE YOU” has absolutely no effect on Phoenix.”

The Ugliness of Owning a Home
“We ended up calling the city water company to come out and help, hoping that this would be their problem and not ours. I was praying all fingers and arms and legs and pinky toes crossed.”

A Deep Look at Me and Conflict
“I let my guard down, all my filters fade away and out comes the real me raw and uncut, with all my faults and blessings and even sometimes my little devil.”

As I Wandered Around Like an Idiot
“So here I am wandering around the parking lot for 15 minutes with my hand on my panic button on the keys clicking every few steps DESPERATLY hoping that my car will beep at me.”

I was Blessed with the Bestest Neighbor
“I swear after eight months there was enough dead skin to create a whole other person. It was gross; I was embarrassed of course but couldn’t really concentrate too much on my embarrassment because I was LAUGHING SO HARD.”

I was a Ninja
“I stumbled out of bed, threw on something decent all the while grumbling that my sensay was not going to be pleased those last two escaped unscathed.”

Wisdom Nuggets
“If you can learn to really love yourself, to be alone and be happy, to find interesting things to do without having to drag a million people along with you then you are a treasure.”

Glitter Overload
“Excuse me while I go bedazzle my wardrobe, with all the glitter this weekend my clothes now feel so drab.”

A Recycling Story Tarantino Style
“So I am staring at her, my hand still gripped around a half full bag of recyclables, with my head cocked wondering if this woman lost her damn mind for a number of reasons.”

Denial Hurts No One But Myself
“The most evil thing in my life is stress and unfortunately it crept on slowly. So slowly that I did not realize the toxic lifestyle I was leading until bad habits were so ingrained into how I dealt with negative stress.”

A Freudian Slip
“Which is where the slip came in, I offhandedly said maybe we should just go to Europe. She jumped in and said: Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Its All About the Timing
“There is nothing like a horrible day with the right person. With the wrong person it can ruin the night, with the right one well it just makes for a more INTRESTING day.”

Today my trusty bag came into good use yet again, I cannot tell you the innumerable times this bag has saved the day, but even I would have never thought I would use the bag ever the way I did today.

Seurat and His New Vendetta
“...the only one who has access to the whole house while we sleep is Seurat and this newest oddity is typical to his behaviour.”

Remembering 2010 in Photos

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I love this post and the recap of the year you've had. This is an excellent idea and I'm sure you spend a lot of time organizing it. THANK YOU!

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