Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Relaxing only to Get Smacked in the Head

Today my mother and I went for a much needed spa day for a Christmas cool down. This month has been really hard emotionally, first up then down then back up again; the hormones are still all wacky from losing the baby. So we were off to the spa HURAH.

Several things almost derailed our special day; I moved the cars for street cleaning this morning and my sister-in-laws (who is out of town) car battery died... time for a jump sigh, my mother almost decided not to come (she has been pretty sick and the weather was awful) but she braved it out anyway thank goodness, then right before we were about to leave the house I got a call from the spa saying that my technician called in sick and that they were hoping to find someone to fill in for them... uhhhh ok awesome!!!!!!! We went down to the spa anyways; even if they couldn’t find another technician I could at least use the hot tub and steam room’s damnit. Thankfully by the time we arrived the manager had ended up finding a technician for me.

All was well and happy and bright and shiny. We floated home on a cloud of contented massage high until I got home. Now here comes the smacked in the head part – figuratively not literally folks. Seems like both my car AND my sister-in-laws car got keyed over the past few days. Both were gouged and the paint scratched off. My husband was pissed... we plotted accusations at who could have done it... the neighbours, punk kids running around the neighbourhood, in the end though there is nothing we can do. Even if we knew who they are it would be hard to prove anything, so instead we turn our attention to getting our cars back in the garage so this does not happen again.

By the way jerk that keyed my car... life is HARD ENOUGH without your white trash butt peeing in my world, can’t you just leak your own stupidity over your own life and leave mine alone. Thanks.

It took a while to cool down but at least the day ended well. My parents, Mr. Rogue and I all headed out for dinner and margaritas at Cozumel. There is nothing like a little tequila to help ease your blues away!




paul peggy zeus said...

The Spa was simply fantabulistic and I so appreciated a day of pampering. This was the fanciest spa I've ever been to. Thanks for sharing it with me!

lilmansworld said...

margaritas are always a way to easy your pain.....

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