Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I live in Southern California where GENERALLY it is gorgeous and sunny and beautiful and OHHHHH ITS BEEN RAINING FOR A WEEK… seriously I know that compared to most of the people we should be HAPPY with just rain, at least it is 50 degrees, I know that in Michigan it is snowing right now and 3 degrees but I just don’t have that thick skin anymore… I am going out of my mind… it is just so miserable outside.

So today despite the nasty weather and despite the fact that my mother is sick we all decided to meet for lunch. With a crappy hour drive in the rain, a delightful hour lunch and then another crappy ride home I am greatful that at least we did something instead of just sit at home… ARGHHHH! This rain better stop soon!


paul peggy zeus said...

Temps have dropped to 30 degrees at night and you think the weather stinks when you live in a nice warm cozy house. Try camping in it, it's been awful!!

lilmansworld said...

no comment from the midwest gallery

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