Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Quick Hello

Mr. Rogue and I took a quick drive out to meet my parents for lunch and putt putt. It feels really weird to meet them for lunch because I moved out of state when I was 18 and I have never lived permanently near any family since then. We med midway between their campground and our house near riverside at a small amusement park and then there was the twenty minutes it took for us to figure out where to get into the amusement park was.


Once we finally made it inside, as we were walking to the putt putt counter, we saw a white peacock... such a pretty birdy. All I had was my small camera stashed in my purse but I managed to get a pretty good shot of him.


The course was very large there were four available levels that you could choose. We picked expert because we are a family of putt putters. The sets at each hole were super elaborate I was really impressed with the detail of their props.


We grand time at putt putt, and when I say “we” I mean my parents and I, Mr. Rogue he is not much of a putt putt player and well he had a bit harder time then we did. Regardless we all had fun, even Mr. Rogue when I teased him mercilessly about his skillz.

As we played no one was delusional that anyone would win but daddy... he didn’t disappoint – thanks for beating me AGAIN FATHER. But then we ganged up on him and made him wear a ridiculous hat, he really loves me!


Just as we were walking out of the park it started to rain, thank goodness the weather held until we were done.


lilmansworld said...

thank goodness Colin isn't good at something! I am the other side's worst bowler. Long live the married intos :)

paul peggy zeus said...

We had such a good time, though, and Colin wasn't really THAT bad!

lilmansworld said...

you are too freaking adorable :)

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