Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now Calm in the Mist of So Much Chaos

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year. I know some get stressed by the added obligations, the lists of extra things to do, the deviation from normal routines and the crazy busy stream of never-ending parties and friends but for me from Halloween until New Years Day is the absolute best. Everything and everyone it always seems has a burst of energy. My trick to make the season less chaotic is to have a strict plan and sticking to it.

For instance I like to spend weeks on my Christmas lists. I keep a notes in my iPhone when I hear of something I like for someone or when I get an idea from a friend or commercial and then ONLY WHEN THE LIST IS COMPLETE do I leave the house to go Christmas shopping. It makes me happy to get it all done in one day… a few hours at the mall, a few errands outside the mall and then I am done. And what a great feeling when all Christmas shopping is done, all Christmas presents are wrapped and put under the tree (or sent to the various family scattered across the United States) and now I can sit back with a sigh of relief. My husband disagrees on the whole preparing ahead of time theory. He sadly hasn’t even started with his shopping. The poor man always waits till Christmas Eve to do his shopping; he says its tradition, that his dad and brother both do it on Christmas Eve as well. I say it is not tradition for just the men in his family… that its tradition for the WHOLE MALE RACE to wait until the last minute!


lilmansworld said...

I love how you said male race, when those two words put together are kind of in opposition. tortis and the hare sort of shtick. lol. I believe species would work too.

Jess said...

hehehe, so true darlin...so true. :)

paul peggy zeus said...

MEN, what God didn't do exactly right the first time, he perfected it with us WOMEN!

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