Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nerdy Birding: The Campground

Today I went and visited my parents who are camping just outside of Temecula. They are staying at a great huge campground with a lot of water. And because there is a lot of water and because it is near the desert there were a ton of birds!


There were only birds I had seen before which was a little sad, I was really hoping to see a new bird, however some of the birds it did have were unusually tame. The Black Crowned Night Heron for instance is a bird that I have never been able to get close to. They normally like to nest in weedy branchy areas and are generally at least 20 feet away. For some reason THESE Black Crowned Night Herons let us walk right up to them. Like tame geese at the local pond they didn’t seem to care much, what that left me with were AMAZING photos of them!



Other birds were a little less exciting but also super tame so my mom, dad and I had a great day birding.







Dad and I spent quite a bit of time going over the finer points of photography. We have similar cameras and had similar lenses we were shooting with so we compared this or that mode and how each other personally like to shoot. We also compared notes and theories about photography and promised each other to look up some things that neither of us quite got. I love the fact that I can share photography with my father it gives us a lot to talk about for hours and hours! I am so proud that he has finally mastered this art and I expect to spend many more days just like today with him!


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