Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Three Years Have Flown

I started my goal to write every day, or at least write a post everyday even if it may get posted a few days late, three years ago, that’s over 1400 blogs written to date and I now only have two more years to get to my goal. I started this blog for some reasons that don’t even matter anymore because it has become SO MUCH MORE important to me than I ever thought. Even after my five years are up I will continue to blog, maybe not every single day, but it gives me so much appreciation for the everyday things in life that sometimes get unnoticed and forces me to spend more time and focus on the present.

I know I am not the best at writing, I know that the things I talk about may not interest most but I am proud and happy to have this little space of my life and the documentation I have of my past. Thanks for being there for the ride, bumpy as it has been, but that is life and this is my (as honest as can be) reflection of mine.


lilmansworld said...

It's awesome reading your blog and because of it, we are truly connected like sisters ;)

Jess said...

YAY for year number 3! Here's to 2 more years! May the bumps be lighter and and highs be even brighter! Hugs!

paul peggy zeus said...

I love to read your blog, and you've shown me the joy of bloggin myself too. It's a wonderful way to account for our days spent here on Earth.

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