Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Cooking

My parents came to the house today. They are staying overnight so we can celebrate Christmas day together. While my husband and dad discussed the finer points of photography in the family room, my mother and I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. We made an apple pie for our Christmas dinner tomorrow and then had a blast decorating the sugar cookies I had baked yesterday.



Since my husband’s favourite holiday cookie is the sugar cookie I wanted to find a great recipe, after trying various recipes (yes I have been baking in the kitchen all week) I finally created my own that we loved. Thin and crisp with a light sugar taste these were good alone... but OH SO MUCH better after frosted. I foresee this recipe in many more holidays in the future especially since I have discovered royal icing and the hundreds of things you can do with it.

I think these turned out pretty nice for a first attempt at decorating with icing.



Recipe for sugar cookies coming soon.


paul peggy zeus said...

It was so much fun decorating cookies with you.

lilmansworld said...

Everything you touch turns to pure magnificence! Look at how far we've come!

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