Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Call Me Columbo

Mr. Rogue and I spent some time today cleaning the house. He took the bathrooms because they are my least favourite to clean. About an hour into cleaning Mr. Rogue beckons me.

Mr. Rogue: “Just a quick test, come into the bathroom.”

I walk in puzzled.

Mr. Rogue: “Open the door. Now close the door. Now open the door.”

Now I am really confused.

Mr. Rogue: “Ahhh ha. You see this, this little smudge under the handle. That is from you. That is exactly where you touch the door to stop it from swinging.”

It’s weird when someone else figures out a behavioural quirk of yours. Of course I know there are fingerprints on the doors, I clean them up often enough but I never thought about whose they were or how it happened; fingerprints just show up on doors, I clean them, end of story. I walked out of the bathroom a completely different person. It just goes to show how different my honey’s brain is, he likes to get to the bottom of things. I blame Columbo, which is the show he has been watching nonstop for the past week.


paul peggy zeus said...

He does have an amazing mind.

lilmansworld said...

Just be thankful it wasnt a CSI situation. Columbo is an amazing show btw.

lilmansworld said...

and also, mr rogue does bathrooms? whoa

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