Monday, December 27, 2010

A Bathroom That’s Safe for the Hips

We finished our Phase II construction on our house in June, I posted our computer room and was planning on putting up the before and after of our bathroom once all the last minute decoration elements we choose arrived in the mail... but then somewhere between here and there I forgot. Regardless today when I was working on my ‘Remembering 2010 in photos’ video I ran across the photos of the bathroom and then I remembered. Better late than never though so here it is.

We bought this house KNOWING it needed a ton of work and nothing needed it as badly as the bathroom.

It had a wall of ancient boat mirrors.


An overlarge handicap shower and two doors which caused a weird almost unusable layout.


I also hated the horrible baby blue and pink tile, how does that even begin to go with the mirror boat theme I wonder? However the worst thing was that damn sink. Every day at least ONCE a day I would ram one or the other of my hips on the sinks evil edge. I was constantly misjudging those two impossible corners and was forever lamenting the never healing bruises. I once remember in a fit of rage trying to tear the sink from the wall... I didn’t succeed thank goodness – how would I have explained that to a confused fiancée. ‘Ahh baby I am sorry, I lost control and well... I just had to tear the sink from the wall... the voices... yes the voices made me do it.’ And then there was also the fact that I could brush my teeth while peeing... I thought that was taking multitasking a bit too far.


So now that you met the ugly bathroom of my past check out the beautiful bathroom of my present. We picked a lovely pale peach for the walls, a peach and cream tile and dark wood.

Ah a wonderful beautiful open floor plan that makes sense (including a bathtub!). I picked out a plant theme for the bathroom and turquoise as the accent color for the peach.


I love alot of little things in the space for instance we had shelves built into the shower space for shampoo, soap, conditioner and eventually kids toys. I like that everything can be neatly tucked away instead of hanging off the edge of the bathtub.


Plenty of floor space to turn around or to walk! The rug was from Anthroplogie... perfect!


For the artwork after HOURS of searching on the internet I finally found this print by Van Gogh that I fell in love with. I had it matted with crème to match the shower curtain and framed in a dark wood to match the sink cabinet. A bathroom has to have some nice eye candy too!


And best of all a sink that I cannot ram my hips into, HURAH!


If you want to see the construction process of the bathroom you can look at these two posts here and here.

I am so happy to be done with this space and to have a guest bathroom in the house. Before we were always too embarrassed to have people use the old ugly bathroom and they were using the master bath. No more... see ya later ugly bathroom!


paul peggy zeus said...

Those shelves in the bath tub area were the greatest idea EVER. Great vision to turn the tub sideways - it opened up this room very well and it turned out remarkable.

Inzodda said...

Looks beautiful!! That Van Gogh print is the one I bought at the Van Gogh musuem for Allie's nursery when we were in Amsterdam, Almond Blossom, the one he did for his brother's Theo's first born child. Did you remember that when you decided on it?

Alissa Nicolau said...

Love, love the rug you chose and the Van Gogh print. Awesome!

lilmansworld said...

A beautiful area that makes me flush :)

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