Saturday, December 11, 2010

Avon Calling


Maybe because my mother was never into it or maybe because I could never afford it in high school or college, or maybe because I didn’t hang out with “that” group of girls; I have never been to an Avon makeup part or even tried Avon makeup. I have heard of it OF COURSE how could you not, and of course I have seen the beautifully luscious pink cars driving around with Avon stamped to its tail however up until today it had been a distant company to me.

My cousin’s best friend had become an Avon representative and needed some practice so I hosted her very first Avon party. There were only a few girls, some of her family members, my cousin Ms. Sweetie and my mother and best friend Ms. Dancer. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, was it going to be a horrible bore, was my face going to hate the makeup? I think the small intimate group setting worked in everyone’s favour, the Avon sales person wasn’t as worried about making mistakes or asking our opinion about her pitch and we had a hilarious time cracking jokes and acting goofy. In essence we HAD A BLAST!


In the beginning it took quite some time to set up so we spent the time gossiping and snacking on the yummy finger food I had made over the past few days.. OH YEA PUMPKIN ROLL HUGE SUCCESS! Once we were ready to start we were handed a numbered pad of lotions and creams, and the games began.


We really had a hard time keeping focused on the hostess, she took many breaks to figure stuff out and write things down to remember for her next part… don’t worry we had no problem filling in that empty time because we were goofing off so much. Oh yea work that lotion baby.


We all agreed at the end that Ms. Sweetie had the best and most different after look. She never wears red lips and I totally think it brought out her dark brown eyes and the red tints in her hair.. work it girl!


After the party I was curious to learn more about Avon and was shocked to find out that

“the Avon foundation, founded in 1955, has emerged as the leading corporate philanthropy organization for women globally”

Not only is the makeup amazing, my skin didn’t break out and I have some finicky skin, there is so much more than meets the eye with this company, UHHHHHH I am totally an Avon girl now!


paul peggy zeus said...

Mary Kay party, not Avon, but close. We sure did have a great time. Who would think a make up party can be so much fun!

lilmansworld said...

as my mary kay rep would say, "glad I got to pamper you". but it isn't pampering if you have to do your own makeup! my opinion of course....

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