Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweden: Vasa Museum

Mr. Rogue had the day off today so after a slow morning and a lazy breakfast we decided to go to the Vasa Museum.


The story behind this boat was cool and with the documentation of the time and descriptions we were in heaven. Built in 1629 was decorated with over 700 gold plated statues and was considered to be top of its class carrying over 42 cannon. Sadly it was not constructed very well and the balance was off resulting in the boat tipping and sinking on its maiden voyage not far from the doc. It sat at the bottom of the harbour for over 200 years until excavators were able to retrieve it.


Beautifully preserved and expertly restored this ship is a stunning piece of art.


I could not believe how LARGE this boat was, we were dwarfed by it and to have built it with all that art and effort only for it to sink must have devastated the workers.


Since Mr. Rogue and I love history this was the perfect museum for us to visit. I highly recommend it.


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paul peggy zeus said...

LOVE all the little Cherubs on the boat. I'm reading a book about retrieving the TItanic which was originally written in 1976, but didn't become popular until "TITANIC" came out as a movie.

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