Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweden: An Unexpected Trip

About two weeks ago Mr. Rogue’s boss asked if he would like to travel for work, some PR, some interviews and a party. Since he seemed to have plenty of time between his duties to play he asked if I would like to go along with him. Ummm let’s see do I want to go to Sweden, a country I have never been to before, Stockholm a city that is supposed to be gorgeous... HECK YEA!


Traveling is hard on a body, but traveling while in my first trimester totally kicked my butt. Thankfully at the airport when we went to check-in economy was overbooked and we were offered to upgrade to first class. That change made a world of difference on my outlook of the next 19 hours of traveling. I was able to stretch out, got better food and it was much quieter. Ahhh the good life.

Out of the ten days we will be in Sweden Mr. Rogue only has to work three and a half so we plan on doing a bunch of sightseeing! I had three traveling books that we browsed through on the way there circling many things that we thought would look interesting. There were many things that were outside, being as it is only 30 degrees there right now we may need to cut some of those out but there are plenty of cool things to do and see. Traveling is good for the soul. I hope my feet don’t swell up too much on the flight.

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