Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweden: A Solitary Aquarium Day

The husband was busy with work stuff today so I decided to head to the aquarium; one because it was indoors and it was freezing outside and two because with my recent Europe trip a few months ago I was not ready to look at more old buildings. Although small I was able to take my time and move through slowly. Without anywhere else to be and with HOURS to kill it was nice to work on practicing some settings on my camera. With the low light conditions and the no flash rule in the aquarium I was happy with the couple of shots that I did get.


In particular I loved the portion of the aquarium where you could look at the tanks from above. It was built with wooden bridges around the outside of the tank and the temperature in these rooms were kept at a tropical feel. With plants hanging all over and speakers gently playing jungle sounds it was a warm haven. I could almost forget I was in the middle of freezing cold weather.


Sea turtles are some of my favourite marine animals and this guy just drifted slowly buy as I was sitting watching the sting rays, I didn’t even know they had the turtle in the tank until he surprised me.


This shot of a large shark is neat with the people silhouetted against the glowing tank. You really get a feel for how big this guy really was.

After the aquarium I grabbed a leisurely lunch where I read my book that I had brought and then headed back to the hotel for a nap and shower before I met my husband for dinner. All in all a great day.

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paul peggy zeus said...

LOVE the turtle shot. Very cool. I know how hard it is to take photos through glass like that.

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