Monday, November 29, 2010

Rogue Life List: #59. Tour Europe

This post is a little late, I had originally intended to put this video together shortly after getting home. Sadly it took MUCH LONGER for the girls to get all our photos together and then even longer for me to find the time and energy to put into this massive time consuming project that I am sure really only Ms. Dancer, Ms. Pool Shark and my mother will be interested in. Regardless I want it for my memories even if we did get back from our trip four months ago spending time creating this video now allowed me to wallow in so many happy memories which helped immensely to keep me happy.

So finally after the split decision to go on vacation across Europe, the preparations of trying to organize a trip so quickly when none of us were in the same state (I was in Cali, Ms. Pool Shark lives in Pittsburgh, and Ms. Dancer was immersed in wedding planning in South Carolina) and the drama of fitting all of the stuff
needed done around out of town visitors and a quick trip to Charlotte over we finally were able to take our Europe vacation of our dreams. Visiting Europe has been on my Rogue Life List to do forever and I have attempted to visit numerous times but something always came up to derail my plans. It was a trip of a lifetime and I am ecstatic to say that my first time in Europe after wanting to go for so long was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

As the plane landed in Dublin a huge smile lit my face, I did it I am here. Hope you enjoy the video (which is rather long, however not entirely my fault we did quite a bit and with all three of us being little busy bee photographers there were about 13,000 photos… yea that took a bit of sorting through and there were just too many great shots to pass up).


Jess said...

YAY! YAY! YAY!!! You did a wonderful job:) It looks great Lovey! Hugs!

lilmansworld said...

Its nice you can view that whenever you need a pick u up!

paul peggy zeus said...

This is a trip you will cherish throughout your entire life. I wish I could have done something like that when I was young.

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