Saturday, November 20, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Viking; A Destination Wedding

The whole reason we are in Mexico this week if for Mr. & Mrs. Viking’s destination wedding. I have been friends with Mr. Viking since college going on 13 years now... yea I feel old. Regardless there was no way I was missing his wedding, and WHAT A WEDDING!!!!


They rented a mansion right on the ocean and got married on the beach in a small intimate ceremony right on the beach out back.


Mrs. Viking is from Africa and they incorporated many of her traditions into the ceremony. My favourite one was that they were given several baskets accompanied by sage advice by the bride’s mother; a basket of eggs for fertility, a basket of coins for prosperity, a basket of honey to remember to always be sweet and several others.


Did I mention that I am in love with this mansion, I told Mr. Rogue I wanted one for my birthday (just kidding... unless he REALLY wants to get me one).


The deck overhanging the ocean was probably my favourite part.


They had handmade fans as their wedding favours which I thought were pretty.


Mrs. Dancer stood up in the wedding, isn’t she purty!


After the ceremony we went up to the mansion and immediately your attention is caught by the vast infinity pool. My first thought is that SOMEONE is going to get drunk and throw SOMEONE into that pool before the night is through.


Mr. Rogue promised to stay by my side all night and protect me, there was no way I was going into that pool in a silk dress. And I had NO SHAME in playing the pregnancy card... oh sorry you can’t throw me in you might injure the baby.


The dance floor was filled with friends and family, at one point maracas were passed around and everyone was grooving to the beat.


Near the end of the night as a surprise the venue had flame artists come out and do a demonstration. Both men had long chains with small baskets of fire at the ends; they whipped them around in an intricate dance that was simply stunning!


Ten minutes before the shuttles came to pick us up to ferry us back to our resort the wedding party, and some bold friends, as a group decided to all hold hands...


And then jump into the pool together.


What a great, wet, way to end the night. I am glad I stayed warm and dry.


paul peggy zeus said...

OMG that looked like so much fun! I don't think I could have ruined my wedding dress though. Loved the gift basket idea - how appropriate. AND that pool looks very inviting.

lilmansworld said...

I love how you spelled favourite. That is a fun fun fun fun wedding!

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