Sunday, November 21, 2010

Puerto Vallarta, Baby Brain: Not Allowed

I feel a little sad and left out today, everyone from the wedding party is going out on an excursion, one that is not pregnancy allowed. They are taking ATV’s through the jungle and then zip lining for a few hours through the tree canopies over rivers and ravines, then taking a donkey ride back down the mountain and finally visiting a tequila factory. Because I am not allowed to go I am staying at the resort by myself and kind of feeling a little sorry for myself. I know there will be many things motherhood will take precedence over, that there will be many things I will have to forgo in the future, but I so wish I could have gone too.

At least Mr. Rogue had a good time, and I love this photo of him on his ATV, he looks dangerous.



paul peggy zeus said...

How I love that last picture of Mr Rogue. Very Buck

lilmansworld said...

also very colour coordinated :) masked bandit baby maker!

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