Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: Around Town

Ms. Dancer and I decided to go downtown for a short trip to pick up a few souvenirs and to see some of the sights. We first took a taxi to the market, a large area where people set up booths of goods for sale.


I picked up a few little things and Ms. Dancer bought a stunning moon gemstone ring. I almost picked up one of these ‘Day of the Dead’ paper Mache skeletons but I was worried how it would travel back to Los Angeles.


After the market we headed over to the church in the town center which was only thankfully a few blocks away. We had only been out for about two hours at this point but already I was getting really tired. Can’t do everything you are used to doing when you are pregnant.


The inside of the church was beautiful. Stunning painted all white with gold leaf trim I thought it was one of the prettiest churches I have seen.


On the way out of the church was an iron filigree piece of art.


We walked the additional three blocks to the water to see some of the art and statues.



By this time I was hot and tired. Time to go back to the resort!



paul peggy zeus said...

That church IS very pretty and I loved the Iron Art work

lilmansworld said...

i really loved the outside picture of the church :)

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