Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nerdy Birdy: Sweden’s Feathered Friends

I went out birding today not really expecting much. From the research I did because of the very low winter temperatures many birds migrate out of Sweden for the winter. I did however manage to find a few out in the bitter cold before I had to scurry back inside for warmth.

The Great Tit is a small passerine that has beautiful striking colors. I found a group of them foraging around on the frozen grass. I approached slowly and observed them for a good half hour. Being city birds they mostly ignored me and continued eating, I was able to get a really great close up shot.


The park I visited had quite a bit of water, as most of the Stockholm area is consisted of small islands. I was excited when I found a pair of Mute Swans searching for food in some tall reeds. I sat on the bank and prayed they would come closer. By being still and waiting the swans approached closer and closer and I was able to take this shot just as the sun peeked through the clouds illuminating the swans head speckled with drops of water.


With the water, the reeds, the lighting and composition I love everything about this shot. It is now one of my new favourites.

A little further along the path I managed to startle a group of mallards from the water. This bird shot taking off I thought was rather pretty because of the colors in the water and the striking pattern of the bird.


The European Magpie was everywhere at this park. With striking iridescent black/green wings and bold white pattern this bird is truly beautiful. Shy this bird took off every time I saw one. Thankfully I managed to get this great shot in the setting sun with a tree full of fall orange behind him. Thanks for sitting pretty.


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paul peggy zeus said...

The duck looks just like a Male Mallard, but ooohh the SWAN is gorgeous!!

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