Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweden: Jet Lag

For some reason I cannot seem to get back on LALA Land time. Sweden is an 8 hour time difference, generally I only need one day to get on local time when I travel, but now we are on day 5 and I am still nowhere NEAR where I need to be, AKA I went to bed at 6:40am and got up at 4:30pm. If I could just get my act together then maybe I can see the sun occasionally instead of going to sleep as it rises and waking up as it sets.

I bet it’s the babies fault.


paul peggy zeus said...

It's twice as hard when there are TWO of you trying to acclimate yourself to the new time zone. It's GOT to be THE BABY!

lilmansworld said...

stay up as long as you can. its called training wheels.

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