Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Instigator

There are different types of shoppers; the picky and selective, the one who browses only to go home and think about it, the internet only shopper, and many more. But the worst of all of them is the instigator. You know the problem with shopping for someone like me who loves to shop isn’t so much as the shopping itself, I can do quite a bit of damage on my own, it is however MUCH MUCH worse when I am with Ms. Pool Shark. What I don’t pick up she does, and since are tastes are similar we tend to accumulate mostly the same things. There are those times though when she will pass something by or that I just don’t like on the rack that the other sees potential in and what happens is that we both fall in love with it.

So not only am I shopping for myself I have in essence a person also shopping for me, showing me things I missed and then the bit gets between our teeth and we just run.

For instance, we went to Nordstrom’s looking for boots. I planned on buying a pair or two, reasonable since the winters in California aren’t really that long or that cold and since rain and snow are pretty much nonexistent boots don’t have to be replaced every season like they did when I wore them on the East Coast. Somehow in the two hours we were there we tried on over thirty pair of shoes, we are the same size so we share sometimes, and well instead of two pair of boots I leave with four, mostly because of Ms. Pool Shark and her introduction of new material.

NO more shopping with her ever. We have made a pact, well at least a pact for this trip out.


lilmansworld said...

love boots, for the practical reason lol!

paul peggy zeus said...

Four pair and you don't show us the goods? What's wrong with this picture? Oh no, wait, where ARE the pictures?

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