Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary

We meet 12 years ago and never spoke (see the fated story here), we dated for 2, we were engaged for a year and have now been married for 2 years. I am thankful beyond words to have waited long enough to find the man who is so right for me. I have seen him grow in his career and become a better man at home with me. He has taken on many challenges and been there to hold my hand through some VERY rough times.

We had a quiet time, just dinner, just the two of us. We made a vow for our anniversary that all we wanted was time alone, preferably in vacation form, but at this time Mr. Rogue is still busy with work and we will hopefully be taking that vacation in January. For now we spent the time we had together alone and it was perfect.

I appreciate him, now and forever.


lilmansworld said...

hubs and i were talking tonight about the fact that we met 9 years ago and in 9 years our lilman will be in double digits for the second year in a row. CRAZY!

paul peggy zeus said...

He not only holds your hand, but your heart as well and as a mother, it's the BEST feeling in the world to have both your kids find true sole mates - ones that will stand u[ to the test of time and will make it in the crazy mixed up world we live in. Love you, Mr Rogue!

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