Sunday, November 28, 2010

Even at 32 I am Still Learning

I normally do the grocery shopping, it is something that I enjoy. I know weird right but I love making lists, I love to walk through isles of well organized food and produce putting things in the cart and checking them off the list, and then I love coming home and squirrel all those newly unopened packages away. For some reason that I cannot remember Mr. Rogue did the grocery shopping one week and the surprises I found in my cupboards, the bread I normally didn’t buy, the wrong kind of brand of mustard and then Nutella... what’s that?

Now it may be because I am from the east coast or maybe I have just been living under a rock for years and years because my husband was SHOCKED that I had never heard or tasted Nutella. I am a little bit of a chocolate nut, no pun intended, and my first taste of Nutella was pure love.

While the family was visiting over Thanksgiving week I broke out a bag of pretzels and Nutella, the whole family dipped and snacked on my new favourite obsession; pretzel sticks smothered in Nutella.

Pure Bliss.


Jess said...

Nutella Banana Crepes...soooooo good :) I am amazed by this as well, if I had but known I would have introduced you sooner! hugs!

paul peggy zeus said...

I've never tried it. HMM maybe I'll have to.

lilmansworld said...

i haven't had nutella since i was a kid. probably why it doesn't appeal to me, knowing there is hazelnut in it. But I do have fond memories of it!

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