Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweden: Butterfly House

Ahhh the butterfly house was a sanctuary of warm delicious heat and millions of butterflies. We took a taxi out there.


Located twenty minutes outside Stockholm the house is situated within three greenhouses and the temperature inside, a wonderful 75 degrees... ummmmmmm.

The first room had alot of unique plants from around the world and even boasted a cactus garden from the states which we brushed by quickly. The large fish tank however drew our attention. Those fish were huge and tried to jump out of the tank as we walked by probably hoping for some food.


There were so many beautiful butterflies, unfortunately all of the signs were not in English but I still enjoyed seeing them all.


The owner said that on less sunny days like today the butterflies would unfortunately not be as active.


That news probably sad for some was wonderful for us. It is hard enough to get good shots of butterflies landed without them flitting around all over the place.


They were pretty tame and let us get relatively close for some good shots. I was even able to touch a few of them.


Mr. Rogue thought it was hilarious the amount of surprised squeals I let out, even with them not as active there were still quite a few of them flying around and they scared me often.

I think my favourite part was the nesting sites. Beams were paced in thin wracks and all the chrysalises were attached.


There were many butterflies emerging with their wings in various stages of airing out.


And I am not talking about a few chrysalises but hundreds and hundreds of them.


Mr. Rogue wasn’t that eager to go to the butterfly house in the first place, he went because I wanted to, and in the end he admitted he had a good time.


paul peggy zeus said...

Amazing pictures. There are so many I liked, the brown and blue, the red and black - very pretty and the black and white with the tiny pink spots i so cool - do you think that means "little girl?"

miche said...

Your pictures are gorgeous... this is the first time I have ever visited your blog. I was searching for a good cheesy potatoe recipe to make tomorrow, and somehow I ended up at your blog. Good luck with your pregnancy and keep taking pictures..you're incredibly talented!

lilmansworld said...

don't laugh.....I'm afraid of the flutter...same thing with birds flying over me. nooooo

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