Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Brain: Testing for Genetic Disorders

Now everything is fine don’t get me wrong. The ultrasound went well but then the doctor gave me statistics and I did not like the sound of the odds. Then I made a big mistake, I came home and Googled. One must be very careful about Googling medical things you know. They should just call this test ‘freaking out’ because that is all I have been able to do today since I got home. The waiting is driving me mad already and I have five more weeks to wait. Why these tests take so long is beyond me. My husband wants to sue the whole genetic screening process for driving me crazy which is driving him crazy.

I just need to stay calm.

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lilmansworld said...

life is full of tests you cannot control :) it is what it is. those words have brought me countless days of comfort!

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