Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ridiculous Laughs

I left my book in my overhead bag and had no inclination to try and get to it before we took off, so I had a good thirty minutes to kill before the fasten seatbelt came off. That’s when I started browsing through the magazine in the seat pocket in front of me, a magazine so full of unnecessary crap, worse than any QVC show some of this stuff just made me laugh out loud.


A sumo wrestler table fit to grace any home and for only $229 dollars a real STEAL! I would really have a problem with anyone that buys an overweight bent over fat man as a base for a table in any room.


Faces for your trees uhhh weird. Ever want to freak kids out and give them nightmares, put these all over your trees on your property and have something to really threaten your kids with. Little bobby if you don’t do your homework the tree people are gonna get you!


The hidden toilet paper that glows in the dark certainly what everyone needs in their bathroom.


The pet dome used so your little four legged friend can have a window through the fence. Weird, weird, and weirder!


lilmansworld said...

there are 'faces' on our trees at our local park, the kids think its hilarious! I think the word sumo derives from the word 'sumoremoney'. ridic is right! sky mall, another reason this country is defunct lol

paul peggy zeus said...

I've seen these tree faces in parks too. The Sumo definitely made me laugh out loud! Can't see anyone wanting to put that in their home! UGH! A doogie window for your fence? Seriously?

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