Sunday, October 3, 2010

Patience is a Virtue I do Not Possess

I have try to be very patient with Mr. Rogue’s work schedule, he is after all working at a job he loves to provide for our way of life but the ridiculous hours, the cancelled plans, the fact that I still do not have the exact date that the agony will end is so incredibly difficult. Generally it is a battle within myself that I win. I bite my tongue and I wait because when he knows I will know but then other times it is so hard and the control slips and I lash out because I am so FUSTRATED.

Mr. Rogue always calms me down, he always reassures me, even if he is a tired overworked husk he still makes time to make sure that I am ok and that makes all the difference in the world. It gives me strength to stay stronger just a little bit longer and soon we will have a great vacation and I will get him all to myself for a month.

Patience, need to work on patience.


lilmansworld said...

patience is a virtue, but being virtuos blows sometimes. lol

paul peggy zeus said...

The best things come to those who wait for them. Relish your time together and enjoy it while you can, darling!

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