Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Therapist Would Have a Field Day

Have you ever seen that movie escape from Los Angeles or escape from New York. Don’t worry if you only saw one or the other because they are both exactly the same, the only thing that really changes are the location, the amount of sun and certain key words. I remember thinking that yo was exchanged for dude. Yo being new York, dude being Los Angeles. REGARDLESS if you haven’t seen either movie thank your lucky stars because they suck, they sucked equaly as bad as each other BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME. But that isn’t the point. The point is that the good people locked all the bad people up behind a huge wall. Good on one side and bad on the other.

So I had this dream about locking all my ex boyfriends in Texas with everyone else’s ex boyfriends. You know that song “All my Ex’s live in Texas”. Know I know I am married and I shouldn’t be dreaming about my ex boyfriends but I WAS DREAMING, I really didn’t have any control. So I scrolled through my life, without really a timeline as dreams rarely have one, searching for my ex boyfriends like a bounty hunter and banished each and every one of them to this wasteland in Texas behind solid concrete walls. All I remember about this part is having a great time and thinking I was justified and I looked like Laura Croft from Tomb Raider.

So once I managed to catch the last one I had to take him to the hearing, in order to sentence him and put him in the Ex’s Texas Hold. So we walk in to the hearing and there is Judge Judy and she demands to know my charges, all the sudden a hundred witnesses jump in from people from the past and start Jerry Springer style throwing out comments to Judge Judy about weather or not this particular Ex deserves to go to the hold. For some reason instead of HIM being committed it is decided that I should be thrown into the Texas Hold. Little did I know that the tables could be turned.

So here I am stuck in the middle of the Ex Texas Hold trying desperately to get out sneaking through the night trying to keep undetected, my heart is pounding, I am rasping for breath when I see the mob. They start after me, I am running for my life panting for air… and then I wake up to find Seurat snuggled on my chest, blankets strewn across my face, no wonder why I am panting for air I have a 20 pound bowling ball on my head and I am smothering myself in my own sheets.

Isnt it weird how you can translate things going on in your house into your dreams.

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