Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Lazy

Lately I have been a little lazy. Maybe because my husband is finally coming home at night, maybe because it is so yucky outside, or maybe I just have been running around too much because the time I do have at home without any plans I find that my normal hobbies are just being ignored.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be traveling ALOT, first a week in Pittsburgh for Ms. Pool Shark’s baby shower, then Stockholm Sweden for a work thing with Mr. Rogue, then a trip to Mexico for a destination wedding, and then home for a houseful of Thanksgiving guests from out of town.

Maybe these lazy days are allowing me to store up sleep like a chipmunk storing up nuts for the winter. If I sleep and lay around enough then maybe just maybe this next five weeks wont leave me panting and frazzled.

Here’s for wishful thinking.


paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah! for traveling, for energy, for enthusiasm. Yeah for getting to see you soon too!

lilmansworld said...

lazy: my other favorite 4 letter word. first one: free!

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