Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kayaking on Lake Mead


Today I visited Lake Mead with my parents, it was a GORGEOUS spot. The lake is super blue and clear. We were hoping to rent a kayak for me (my parents each own their own) but sadly everything in the park was closed so we had to improvise.

First mom and I took the kayaks out for a quick spin. Once I got tired we came back to pick up dad and the dog and work out a plan how to get across the lake to the nice beach my parents liked so we could picnic.


I took one kayak and my parents attempted to try to double up in the other kayak. Needless to say my poor mother had to hold so still and so steady so she didn’t dump them into the freezing lake. And look she is even smiling too!


We hung out at the beach for a good hour and we were almost the only people on the lake. It was so nice just sitting alone and watching the water. We ate and then began discussing alternate ways to get all of us back safe and sound to the car.


We decided to rearrange some things and have mom sit down in the bottom of the kayak on the floor. This seemed to work much better. I kayaked ahead and got onto the beach first so I could take a photo of them. Although dad looked a bit funny with his legs in the air and he had a harder time paddling at least mom looked more comfy.


But then mom started waving her hands. I turned to see a coyote trotting off into the distance. He didn’t stay long and I only got this shot from far away.


Mom and I tried to follow to see if we could get a better shot but he just melted into the desert.


paul peggy zeus said...

Most memorable kayak experience to date for me!! lol. I did like it better in the bottom of the boat, never again will I be hanging on the bow, I'd rather swim all the way there and back. Too much fun!

lilmansworld said...

that is too funny. leave it to your mom to get creative and top it the way back :)

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