Sunday, October 17, 2010

BBBS 34: A Gaggle of Sisters

Today was a special treat, Ms. Little and I were going to see a movie and last minute decided to not only bring her twin sister who comes with us often but also for the first time her three year old little sister. The little sister has been begging to come with us for a while and I really thought that a movie and lunch would be a perfect way of attempting to take three kids out at a time. Although a little hectic we had a great time.


We saw the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and it was entertaining enough for us all. It was surprising I was expecting something childish but in fact it had a lot of complexity to it. Popcorn was passed and drinks were slurped and for the most part the gang was well behaved, that is until the baby started squirming. The little angel fell asleep in my arms. After the movie everyone was happy and we headed off to the food court.

We settled in with the meal of their choice, of course Mc Donalds with their free toy, at least the kids were happy. It came as a shock however when I gave my Little and her twin money to go get ice cream. I was sitting with the three year old sister and did what I would normally do with my two year old niece start asking her to find the red, or to point out the cat on her cup. It was so sad but in that five minutes I learned that this little three year old girl does not know her colors, her letters or how to count. That is one of the hardest things about being a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters you can’t fix everything. No wonder my little has trouble reading at 11 because she is stuck in a system and with a mother that does not give her the right start on life. In school she shares books with her classmates and some of the kids have to sit on the floor, her circumstances are so much worse than just mere poverty.

I did discuss this with my match consultant and it is frowned upon to tell the mother how to parent or even to make suggestions so instead I focus on the things I can give Ms. Little, I give her my love, I try to encourage her to read and share my love of reading, and I try to show her a window into a better life and advice into striving to be better. I just hope it’s enough to make a difference.


paul peggy zeus said...

Perhaps you could try and get her a few Beatrix Potter books to read. I used to love those stories in the second grade, and since she's behind, maybe it would be the right thing. OR if she likes Harry Potter, maybe those kind of stories would suit her fancy. Keep giving your love, your support and your wisdom, and who knows, you just may rub off on her yet. My big sister was never as good as you are to her, that's for sure!!

lilmansworld said...

that is sort of weird she doesn't know colors or letters as the 3rd child....especially in California where every color and letter is visible with or without a book...that's the mom in me though...everyone is different. good for you for exposing them to new things! it works wonders!

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