Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Brain: Week Nine

Ahhhh so excited because this week the baby has graduated from an embryo to a fetus, HURAH! About the size of a green olive the baby is getting larger every day; tiny muscles are starting to form.


I wish I could get an ultrasound every week just to check up on the baby. This week as the nausea is settling down and the sore breasts are less sore I feel less pregnant. I am still not showing, way too early for that, and of course I cannot feel movement, too early for that also, so now that the symptoms are tapering off I am a little concerned. Those symptoms right now is the only thing that is making me feel pregnant and although I do not relish the nausea it is better than felling nothing.

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lilmansworld said...

don't ever feed your child olives while in diapers. I haven't, but a friend passed that advice on to me as a word of warning....

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