Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Brain: The Stroller

Over the past few days since I have been too exhausted to do anything other than surf the web, I have been left with a ton of time. After blogging a million posts, searching for some more yummy recipe ideas on the web, visiting my favourite blogs I eventually returned to the baby websites all over the web and started my research on the stroller that I want. The stroller to me is something super important and I want something I love.

After hours of research and searching I found the Orbit Stroller to be the one I liked the best. Of course we still have to go to a store and try it out but right now it is my top pick.


My primary reason is the ability to take the seat and put it directly in the car via a twist lock docking station. I have an SUV and a niece that is 16 months old, it is difficult to lift her, she is 24lbs all the way into the middle of the seat and into her car seat and then manoeuvre all the buckles and straps, and when she is napping trying to do this is nearly impossible without waking her. With the Orbit the twist lock into and out of the stroller to the car all while keeping the baby in the seat seemed like something I would REALLY LOVE.


Other things I liked were

1. One hand folding of the stroller that is super fast and easy and it folds with the diaper bag still attached underneath. Let me tell you that strollers can be a real pain in the butt with all their locks and mechanisms. Often with packages, purse, diaper bag and baby you need all the hands you can get.

2. Safety was one of my top concerns and this seat has gotten rave reviews. I feel a lot better knowing that my precious cargo will be secure.

3. The ability to rotate the baby. I liked the fact that I could rotate the seat in any direction. Especially when on a walk it would be nice to tilt my child out of the sun or wind or face them in another direction like towards me or away depending on their interests.


4. Mr. Rogue liked the fact that it had a hidden diaper bag because really what man wants to take out a baby with a huge purse. This way all the essentials can go with the baby without him being uncomfortable. He also loved that this stroller was more modern looking and the fact that the design was brilliant. But best of all the adjustable handles can accommodate my 5’ 7” height and then switch to Mr. Rogue’s 6’ 2” height. Who wants to stoop to push a stroller, NOT Mr. Rogue.


5. At home Rocker base with bassinet which is perfect for taking to visit friends or even to use at home as a rocker.


6. Panniers that can be used when going to the farmers market or the mall to use to store extra things was also neat.


7. I am also a big fan of flexible carrying handles, something that in baby reviews mothers have raved about because it is easy to sling it over your forearm instead of always carrying it by your hand.

8. Oh and by the way it is GREEN too! I am in love with this stroller.

I really want to go to a store and see how easy that rotating system is in person before purchasing. I will let you know how that goes.



paul peggy zeus said...

What a unique stroller you have found. It looks so modern, I love the lines. I think it's fit for an artsy person like you! LOVE IT!

lilmansworld said...

very cool stroller :) One thing you might consider also is that when the baby outgrows infant seat, you'll have to start all over. I'm sure you've thought of that already though. No one told us that lol

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