Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Brain: Our Second OBGYN Appointment

So far so good on the baby front. Mr. Rogue was able to go with me to the appointment again, this time I got a full exam and another ultrasound except this time I was far enough along where they could do the external one, so much happier with that by the way. Everything is going well, the babies heart rate and vitals were good and so far I have not gained a single pound which is a great plus. I am heavier than my OB would like so she is recommending that I only gain 15lbs this pregnancy if I can.

Every day I wake up and pray for a healthy happy baby! Of course I am not a big fan of doctors and it is hard to go to all these appointments. Just when I was breathing a sigh of relief that it was over I got a form from my doctor to get six vials of blood drawn... SO NOT AWESOME.

At least the baby is starting to look more like a baby and less like a blobby blob.



paul peggy zeus said...

That's so cool that you can see the baby now - and don't go calling my grandchild a blob - haha

Jess said...

AWww :) So exciting!

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