Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Brain: A Little Lost

This child is making me lose my mind. Between the sleep deprivation and lack of blood going to my brain is making me forgetful, lose my train of thought, and in general I feel whole lot less together than normal. AKA that translates to I think I am loosing my mind.

I keep reading things in my book like ‘baby brain’ and I wonder when I am going to start believing everything I read instead of scoffing, that wont happen to me... WELL IT’S HAPPENING!


paul peggy zeus said...

Maybe you need to slow down a little. Just a little? You've been On D Go for months on end traveling from one end of the world to another and back again. Think about it.

lilmansworld said...

read read read. I miss that the most. your brain will return.

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