Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Brain: Grand Plans

Ms. Pool Shark and I had such grand plans when we went to bed last night. We were going to get up early, take a long drive through the beautiful fall countryside and finally see Falling Water, a place only an hour from the city that BOTH of us have wanted to see and just never did. Today was going to be the day. But then we woke up late, and it was raining, and instead of being productive and making a go of it anyways we instead lazed about the house and just spent time relaxing.

Yea that’s what happens when you get two pregnant women together, a whole lot of relaxing.


lilmansworld said...

I'm surprised you didn't purchase any shoes and have them delivered. lol

Jess said...

Well just have to make a trip together sometime :) So all 3 of us can see it for the first time! Or....get one of those automatic shopping cart things... so you can just drive around!

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