Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I Hope Was a Bad Mood

Someone was in a bad mood the day at the DMV when they were required to fill out their renewal of their license and plates for their car. I can just imagine a disgruntled man who was forced to wait too long in the over full DMV, a terrible inconvenience in LALA Land. So he was standing in yet ANOTHER line, he was hot and sweaty (because the air conditioner broke), he was starving having missed lunch so he could run to the DMV during his lunch break, he was late for a very important meeting, his kid had gotten detention again and then with the accumulation of it all he just lost his cool… the resulting license plate I hope was a buildup of that momentary anger and then something that he continues to regret and that he is not just a complete jerk by nature.


At least he likes country music.


lilmansworld said...


paul peggy zeus said...

very funny. I think perhaps he's a Charlie Brown Freak. "Curse You, Red Barron" is what Snoopy always said.

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