Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Therapy Month Three

It is month three of therapy and although I am back off the medication which makes me happy therapy is still diffitult. The good part is that I am doing better, I am learning more and I want to club my therapist less. Sometimes I feel like I am having a theology debate about how I live my life as she tries to unravel it and break apart the loose ends, as she takes a magnifying glass to everything that has made me who I am. It is both enlightening and expecially hard to see yourself with such clarity, to have your decisions questions, to have those in your life questioned.

She keeps asking how I feel... sometimes I wish to stop feeling all together.


paul peggy zeus said...

SOOOO happy that you are off those pills and still feeling better about things. It took a tremendous amount of courage to do what you are doing, not a lot of people would be strong enough to tackle their emotions and face them head on like you do. You make me proud!

Ivy said...

You are so brave. I am proud of you. I know (no, I KNOW) that it is not easy to go to therapy.

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