Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taste Buds: Peachesse Salad


A no fuss salad with a unique flavor this salad paired with a simple grilled fish was a perfect dish for a hot summer day. Most recipes are about technique and precision but not all recipes are created equal and this one has a secret. It isn’t about technique it’s about the shopping. Because this recipe is all about the quality of the simple ingredients I hit the farmers market for the best peaches I could find and swung over to grab another plant of basil.

Basil and I we have issues, I adore it but for the best freshest taste I have found that you either have to buy it the same day you use it (Ahhhhh basil why oh why can’t you stay fresh for more than one day). Since I cannot be running to the store every time I need a sprig of basil my new favourite thing is to have a plant on hand. Eventually one day I will create an herb garden in my yard... one day!

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your mozzarella on your own a simple soft fresh mozzarella from a cheese store or your local grocery store will do. As a personal choice I prefer mozzarella that is in the containers with the whey (it looks like it is floating in cloudy water). This cheese is generally the best.

At first the idea of peaches and mozzarella sounded rather odd. I think of a peach and I think of pie or peaches and cream and although I adore fruit the peach for me has been further down my list of favourite fruits to eat, but this salad is a beautiful dance in your mouth; tangy and slippery mozzarella and sweet cut peaches paired with the snap of basil. Now although salt is important here be careful, most cheeses are pre-salted.

Hope you enjoy!

1 peach (
3 medium basil leaves
10 mozzarella Ciliegine balls
½ tablespoon of oil
salt and pepper to taste

1. Cut peach down the center and remove the pit. Cut peach into bite size pieces (I leave the skin and the red center in tact but you can remove it if you want to).
2. Chiffonade basil leaves
3. Combine all ingredients into a airtight Tupperware and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Serve chilled.


myLA said...

So, you did like my Hollywood Bowl salad. :) Yay!

paul peggy zeus said...

Oh, at first I thought the fish and the peaches were together, Now I realize you ate the fish on the side. That would have been very baaaad touching. No?

lilmansworld said...

I LOL'd when you wrote, 'if you can't make your own mozzarella'. Did you come up with the title of this recipe?

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