Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Tale of Two Elevations

My second morning in Nevada we woke up super duper early (5:00am) so we could drive to a Desert Wildlife Refuge where we heard that we could find some wildlife even hopefully Desert Bighorn Sheep. As we drove up to the refuge the sun was peeking up over the desert.


Sadly we did not see any Bighorn Sheep but we did spend a couple of lovely hours birding and since there were plenty of trees and water we were pretty successful. Although there were not a ton of birds, we are still in the desert here people, I was happy with the results of this small park. That along with a bunch of shade trees made the time here not as hot as yesterdays open desert hike.


On our way back to the car we ran into another birder and he recommended a place nearby in the mountains where there were some good birding opportunities. We drove up the mountain and I could not believe the almost immediate change in the topography.


Land that was brown and desert scrub gave way to lush green forests, the higher we climbed the greener it got.


We were headed up to the top of Mount Charleston, the highest peak in Nevada. The higher we got and the more the topography changed the cooler the temperature got as well. By the time we reached the top we went from 102 degrees to a nice cool 74 degrees.


There was a nice restaurant that was recommended that had hummingbird feeders. We stopped for a bite to eat and to hopefully catch a few photos of the hummingbirds. Although we didn’t see many hummingbirds out much to my surprise the food at the restaurant was EXCELLENT. We all licked our plates clean.


After lunch we took some time to wander around the forest snapping photos and catching a few birds before heading back home. We were out 9 hours today which was plenty of time for us!!! Time for a dip in the pool.



paul peggy zeus said...

Beautiful pictures and this was my best day here so far (and we've been here three weeks already!)

paul peggy zeus said...

OOOPS, you've missed an entire week!!

lilmansworld said...

the sky looked like a color I'd never seen before!

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