Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Red Rock Canyon National Park

My mother had found a cool national park to visit my first full day visiting. Sadly we had to wake up early, so we could try and avoid the worst of the heat. I sleepily filled my camel pack with water; we grabbed a few snacks and headed out the door by 7:30am.

Nothing is close in the desert, everything is far with roads that stretch to forever and it feels like you never get closer to your destination. It took us about an hour to get to Red Rock Canyon National Park and just as we were about to enter the park I spied a small herd of wild donkeys. Since I had my big lens I was able to get some nice close ups without getting too close.


Once we made it to the park and got out of the car I was taken in by the beautiful scenery, the rocks were incredible, the color red so rich.


We ended up choosing a trial to hike based on the visitor centers recommendation. We were hoping to see some birds and so she steered us toward a hike that ended in a natural spring. Of course we had to hike quite a distance to the spring and since it took an hour to get to the park, it took some time to take photos of the wild donkeys and stop by the wildlife center we did not start our hike until 9:00am and already it was getting scorching hot.


The landscape was breathtaking but I was REALLY wishing for some big shade trees out here. In the small bits of shade we did find the temperature felt 10 degrees cooler, but this landscape offered scant shade opportunities. At least I wore my 70 sun block!



I got so hot at one point and my face got so red I had to sit down for a good ten minutes. I think it was a bit of heat stroke, I am just not used to being out when it is so hot and my body does not like it. Also with the recent plague I wasn’t back to tip top health yet. My parents however are rock stars! They hike all the time and are more used to the heat. They are in great shape.


But we did eventually make it to the end of the trail to the spring. Water in the desert attracts wildlife and we did see some birds, not many but some. I will post those in a bit.



paul peggy zeus said...

We did get to see a new bird on this day, so that was exciting!! Nothing like the good old fresh air to do us all some good. I love hiking to new and different destinations! We went back here yesterday and did two other trails. NICE!!

lilmansworld said...

It's just a miracle to see shoe laces on your father!

lilmansworld said...

the head shot of the donkey was phenom!

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