Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Out of Town AGAIN

Thankfully the Plague (some kind of horrible sickness I had for two weeks which my husband and I jokingly nicknamed) is officially out of my system and I woke up today able to breathe freely for the first time in FOREVER. That isn’t something that I generally have to worry about on a day to day basis, the breathing thing. I am thankful that I no longer look like a red nosed freak constantly wheezing and coughing.

So because I was feeling better and since my husband is NEVER home I decided to head out to visit my parents.

A SIDE NOTE: My parents travel right now, they own an RV and are currently visiting every single state. They camp full time, bike, hike, bird, and kayak. Both nature lovers they are currently living in their own little version of heaven.

So for the next five months or so they are going to be within a five hour drive of me and since they were at a park near Las Vegas (which is about 5.5 hours away from my house), since I haven’t seen them since Mothers Day, and since I was ITCHING to get out of the house again I decided today to head out.

Of course since I wasn’t sure if the Plague would be gone yet nothing was organized. I had to take the dogs to the vet to get an update on one shot, then I went to drop the dogs off at their new fancy shmancy cage free kennel only to find out that I had left my wallet at the vet. I had to therefore turn back around, get the wallet, come back to the kennel to pay for the dogs stay before I could go home and load up the car with my stuff for the week. It was a hectic morning but by waking up early (7:00 sucks) and then rushing around I was able to start out by noon, right on schedule, with a sigh of relief.

As soon as I cleared the city and got out into new country, a new road, a different view I sighed in relief, finally I was out again.


I really haven’t figured it out yet why I have this driving need to leave my home. Maybe it is because my husband is never there, maybe I am going stir crazy, or maybe I just need to do something new and different. Whatever it is I had an immediate release of some kind of pressure and it felt like the weight was lifting.


Sometimes I wish I had a simpler life one full of consistency and structure. Then yet again I would go crazy with that type of schedule just as much if not more than the current schedule my husband and I work around in.


Of course I stopped many times to capture some of the beautiful terrain on my drive and MAN OH MAN WAS IT BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful that is until I stepped out of my air conditioned car into the HORRIBLE HEAT.


When I left Los Angeles today it was a perfect 74 degrees and sunny, by the time I got out to the desert it was a RIDICULOUS 104 degrees. That first time I stepped out of the car the hot air pushed me back with invisible hands. Needless to say I did not spend MUCH time out of the car.


One of these days I am going to have to spend a few weeks on geology and the differences and various processes that effect the land so much that our mountain ranges look like candy stripped works of art.





paul peggy zeus said...

Thank you so much for taking time out and driving ALL THE WAY out here in the desert heat to come and visit us! We super duper appreciated it!! too!

Jess said...

Love the cloud shots :) But you know how I am about clouds! Glad you got rid of some of the pressure. I'm going a bit stir crazy too...I just want to get out.

lilmansworld said...

I've decided the reason I like to leave my house so much is that I enjoy coming home to it....I could never be a full-time RVer....Same blue!

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