Friday, September 17, 2010

A Bust and then I Ate Lasagna

My mother and I woke up early to try and attempt Ash Meadows, a wildlife sanctuary near my parents RV Park. My father opted not to go, you see my parents had already been to Ash Meadows and had already decided that there was very little wildlife. Of course I wouldn’t listen, and I thought that since it was migration that perhaps just maybe we could see something unique. So my mother and I drove the hour to the park.

We first stopped at the lake and although there were a few little birds floating on the water they were too far away to try and attempt to take photos. At least the lake was gorgeous.



We then headed over to the boardwalk, a nice platform wood walk over some waterish habitat.


I carried my big lens in hopes that we would see some great birds, possibly even find a few new ones that I had never seen before… instead we ended up seeing some lizards.



And then we saw some dragon flies.



Sadly, even though there was water at this park which should have attracted birds, we saw absolutely NOTHING. Not one single bird. We think we heard a sparrow… sigh.


We decided to try ONE MORE PATH a little further down the road. We found a really cool talck rock.


And an old abandoned cabin.


But absolutely no birds. We decided to call it quits and go back to the RV Park and the lovely pool.

After a cool refreshing dip and some R&R we decided to go to dinner at Tommasino’s an Italian restaurant my parents had found in the area last week.


Jazzy and quite with a some wonderful live band music this place was totally my style. We had an awesome dinner, I am so glad that they had found this place!




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paul peggy zeus said...

The food was really good, but the company was even better.

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