Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Fruits Terrible Twos are Here

I have been watching Baby Fruit a few times this week and the terrible twos have set in. Generally Baby Fruit is an easy going, happy baby without a care in the world but since she learned to talk things have been shifting. For instance today I was pulling into Target’s parking lot. Baby Fruit asked for her milk. I told her one moment and finished parking, took her out of the car seat and planned to put her into the shopping cart and THEN get her milk. Obviously Baby Fruit thought that that time table was a little long and even though I was talking to her, mid sentence she pulled back her little hand and smacked me clear across the face.

I was so shocked, no one has EVER smacked me across the face before and now this tiny little angel did. I was paralyzed for a moment… what should I do I thought… and then I thought, no what would her mother do. I grabbed both of her hands told her in a stern voice to not hit that it had hurt and that she was bad. Her little eyes filled with water and her bottom lip trembled and I could not keep the stern look on my face. Instead I gathered her in my arms, she patted my back with her little hand for a moment, and then she reared back and with a smile asked for her milk again.

I wonder if I just got played by a two year old or if I am just imagining things.


lilmansworld said...

pleading the fifth on this one....

paul peggy zeus said...

Now that's a woman with an attitude right there!! Ha ha!!

Kim & Chris said...

Try "hands are not for hitting" part of Elizabeth Verdick's series.

I left you a VM tonight, Bella wants to learn about birds from you.

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