Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Brain: Sooooooooo Tired

Oh now I have another excuse for my all time favourite pastime, since I am now pregnant, I don’t work and I am constantly tired I am sleeping MORE THAN EVER. Ahhhhhh naps how I love thee, how I am going to miss thee when my stomach gets so big that I have to pee nine hundred times a night, how I am going to miss thee when my baby starts moving so much that I never get more than a few stolen minutes of sleep, how I will miss thee when my baby arrives and I don’t get a full night’s sleep again for YEARS.

Its enough to make me cry, actually a lot of things are making me cry lately like that little old man that crossed the road with his cane… I AM SO SAD YOU NEED TO USE A CANE. I cried in the car for 10 minutes.

The hormones and the exhaustion are out of control, but I am still so happy I am pregnant.

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