Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Brain: Our First Doctor Appointment

I was worried today getting ready to leave the house for the doctors while battling the nausea. I was worried that this pregnancy was not viable, that something would go wrong and that I had gotten up my hopes for nothing. I was hoping that everything was ok but for some reason I woke up this morning with a cloud of doom and gloom over my head.

Thankfully I had NO REASON to worry, although it helped that Mr. Rogue went with me and held my hand. He was really excited that we were hopefully going to hear the heartbeat today and was looking forward to that, however he wasn’t really prepared for the getting naked part, or the internal ultrasound with the wand part, I guess I should have clued him in on a few things. But he is going have to learn fast that having a baby isn’t as fun as making the baby and if I have be on that table with my legs spread wide with an ultrasound wand inside me the least he can do is hold my hand.

According to my AWESOME OBGYN everything looks perfectly normal, we got to hear the babies heartbeat and see my little sesame seed of cells on the monitor. I turned with a large smile, tears in my eyes and glowed at my husband, yup we are gonna have a little one.


The entire baby is the circle where the I is (a whole 1.42 centimeters), the other circle is NOT the head like I initially thought it was, it is actually the yolk sac which is the source of the baby’s nutrients before the umbilical cord and placenta take over that function completely. Our baby was measured for the first time today and is measuring one day ahead at 6 weeks 6 days.

We left with a photo of our little bundle of cells and I was filled with wonder. I know people have babies all the time but it is a weird feeling to know that I have one in me right now.


lilmansworld said...

a wonderful feeling it is!

lilmansworld said...

you will appreciate this blog the most I feel :)

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