Monday, August 23, 2010

Europe: 50 reasons I love the USA

Don’t get me wrong I loved my vacation through Europe but nothing feels as good or as right as home, and although everything was new and exciting there were some things I just desperately missed. Here is my random list:

1. They believe in ice
2. Cold water you can drink
3. Diet Coke that isn't six dollars
4. Being able to modify food order
5. Everyone speaks English
6. The food is supersized
7. The waiter smiles
8. My bed is comfier
9. I will stop getting crap for being an American
10. Not living out of a suitcase
11. I can eat what I want when I want
12. Internet access
13. I can talk and text on my phone
14. Access to my entire wardrobe
15. My fan at night
16. Having my own car
17. Wearing heels
18. The option to stay in bed all day
19. No mosquitoes
20. I can go birding
21. $1.00 bills instead of 1 dollar coins which are HEAVY
22. I can get on the internet every day and blog
23. My husband will rub my feet
24. Air conditioning
25. I missed my mommy
26. People get in lines
27. I don’t have an agenda every single day
28. A washer and dryer
30. I get to cuddle with my husband at night

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lilmansworld said...

where's the other 20? It is truly nice to come HOME!

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