Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rogue Life List: #84: Visit a Castle in Ireland

Today I was able to cross off another item from my Rogue Life List!

Castles in Ireland were the location of many of my childhood fantasies. I am not particularly sure WHY Ireland was my location of choice but the castle thing was easy to figure out; I wanted to be a princess and everyone knows a princess needs a castle.

When building my official Rogue Life List for this site I compiled together several lists that I had in my memory box written over a span of more than 20 years that I had not completed as well as several new items that were just distant goals in my head. Visiting a Castle in Ireland was one of the ones that survived from a very long time ago and standing in front of that building made me seven year old heart smile with joy and my heart dance with childhood abandon.


We were lucky enough to get there in time to get into the last tour that visited the inside of the castle and which spoke about its very long history. The inside of this castle was unbelievably elegant. Standing outside I imagined stone cold walls with rushes strewn across the floor like in my fantasies. The opulence and beauty however was nothing like I had thought.


We learned about the castles multi-functions over its lifetime. Originally created for defense of the city it later became residence for the Viceroy of Ireland, a person assigned by the King in the 17th century, generally a nobleman to rule over Ireland for the king. Also used for parliament, then a military garrison the castle is now currently used for foreign affairs, state banquets and other country affairs of politics.


What was most interesting about the tour however was what we found UNDER the castle in the Undercroft. The castle that stands now was built in 1204, however when doing renovations years ago on the castle workers found and later excavated proof that the castle was built upon an ancient Viking Fortress built in the 9th century!



paul peggy zeus said...

I just LOVE all the ancient architecture and have to wonder why we have lost so much of the old craft and flair of these magnificent structures. The front of this castle reminds me of some of the churches we've seen in Europe. I'm so happy my princess finally got to visit her Castle. Maybe Ireland called you since we are so Irish. . . Some people can't figure out what they want in life. Our problem is that there are SO many things we want to do and see, it's a challenge just to fit them all in!!

lilmansworld said...

now I'm not an expert of identifying between Ireland and Scotland, but I can see why they are both oft confused. Reading about the Undercroft reminded me of the Kirk in the HIlls where we were married. Hard to believe they are called ruins sometimes. I'm hoping you imbibed in the Irish pubs!

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